English summary
Le Centre de la Gabrielle is a private non profit organisation, founded by the French federation of mutual companies for civil servants, MFPass (Mutualité Fonction Publique Action Santé Social).
Founded in 1972 as a social initiative of the Mutualité Fonction Publique Action Santé Social, le Centre de la Gabrielle is, today, an organisation that assists 400 children and adults with development and learning disabilities. It houses 11 differents services : medical and educational centre for children with disabilities (IME), centre for vocational training (IMPRO) for teenagers, special unit for people with autistic spectrum, sheltered employment, residential home (home of art and life), home care service (SAMSAH), family excellence service.
Le Centre de la Gabrielle aims at developing new solutions in order to provide social inclusion for the target group. For example, it managed an Equal project for the accreditation of work experience and it is managing, today, another European project (CAP VAE) through ESF funding (2007-2013).
To continue promoting inovation in the field of better social care for the disabled, le Centre de la Gabrielle has taken its reflection to the European level, and is an active member of several European groups. The Center is a board member of EASPD (European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities). It is a partner organisation of Impact, the new european network for the exchange of good practices and ideas on the development of Person Centred Technologies for the benefit of disabled people and their carers.
Le Centre de la Gabrielle is also the co-founder of a cooperative society of public interest which designs and markets tailor-made softwares for social care services in France.